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Without compare, Giorgio Zucco is one of the finest Csounders in the entire world. He is a supreme master of the highest degree. He is a true “sound designer” - a title and skill that is in fact, quite rare in this gigantic “music industry” filled were “samplers”, and “remixers”, and “mashup-artists”.

Giorgio Zucco has “golden ears” and over the years he has produced an amazing “collection” of exquisite Csound instruments to prove it. I am quite confident that he could tame any machine and make her sing the sweatest lovesongs; but what he has done, is to dedicate his life to the creation of some of the most beautiful, elegant, powerful, engaging, evolving, mysterious, rawcous, raw, intense and tender musical timbres ever to be created in Csound.


(from foreword of Richard Boulanger)

Covered Topics :

Introduction to computer music, the novelty of Csound6 language, real-time, envelopes, tremolo, vibrato, spatialisation, generative processes, MIDI control, OSC, additive synthesis, subtractive synthesis, FM synthesis, granular synthesis, physical modeling, scanned synthesis, signal processors, graphical user interfaces creation, integration in Max / MSP and Ableton Live, VST plugins development and much more.